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Entrepreneurs and business leaders, Scott De Long, Ph.D., and Vince Moiso, MBA, get together for this weekly podcast series where they share from their experience and discuss the important current issues facing executives, entrepreneurs, and their leadership teams. 

Their weekly topics will touch on everything from business leadership to entrepreneurship to employee development, management, engagement, and retention, strategic planning, coping with the new post-COVID office environment and challenges, and much, much more. Beginning in Season 2, Scott and Vince will be frequently joined by guests to offer additional experience to share and add to the discussion.

Please visit for more information and contact Scott and Vince at to ask questions, challenge them on a topic, or request a deeper dive into any of the topics discussed. Thank you for listening!

May 19, 2022

So much business communication occurs through email—some might even say TOO MUCH communication is done this way. As a result, far too often relationships are strained, and deals are damaged due to typing the wrong message. You may not have intended to send that message, but the only message that is ever delivered is the one that is perceived by the recipient.

Tune in this week for episode 2.17 as Scott and Vince dive into email etiquette. They offer some tips on how best to use email in business and offer some basic processes that can help let email continue to be a tool for business and not a burden on business. When to respond, when not to respond, and ultimately, how to WRITE the RIGHT email and ensure your message is delivered as you intended.

About our Hosts:

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